Retire On Rental Property

Investing in good, stable rental property has been the very best way to retire on a stable income without the worries of the stock market for many, many years. During the American depression those with money bought real estate and became very wealthy.

Buying secure, high ROI investment property that is placed in markets with extremely high rental demands plus long tern appreciation is most often the very best use of retirement money. Letting your money work for you in a secure investment vehicle without the worry of how the stock market, mutual funds or any other unsecured investment is doing should relieve you of uncertainties.

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Many equity firms know this and that is why they are buying up real estate quickly. It is becoming increasing challenging for single investors to get into this market. The time to invest is now according to Warren Buffet and Raymond James accounting firm. The total U.S. market value in 2011 of single family rentals is at about $3 trillion. This accounts for over 50% of all rental units in the U.S. The U.S rental market is growing yearly at a 3% rate.
Most tenants will make your property their home and treat it as their own. They are more likely to be families thus increasing your profitability of your loyal tenants without less turn over.

  • Single family rentals have more appreciation than apartments, strip centers, office buildings and such.
  • Invest in good stable rental markets
  • Locate quality rental homes to buy
  • Get a maintenance guarantee of your home
  • Hire a professional property management firm
  • Placement of tenants with good job and income history
  • Keep maintenance costs low
  • Maintain tenants for long term thus no re-leasing or get ready fees
  • Gain equity annually
  • Tax deferred income using your Self Directed IRA or Roth
  • Receive monthly income
  • Buy another investment property
  • Relax and enjoy


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